Stephen Banks - Resume

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Stage Roles:

Harry's Celestial Journey

Ganid (ensemble)

Onion Man Productions / Steve McElroy, director

All's Well That Ends Well


North Fulton Drama Club / Thomas Strickland

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare [Abridged]

Adam/Mult Roles (Principal)

Cumming Playhouse / Jim Dailey

See How They Run

The Bishop of Lax (Principal)

CenterStage North / Sarah Mitchell

Dracula, The Undead

Renfield (Principal)

Blackwell Playhouse / Lee Sanders

A Midsummer Night's Dream


North Fulton Drama Club /Thomas Strickland

Eula Mae's Beauty, Bait and Tackle

Sue-Sue, Anna Mae and Carl Joe

CenterStage North / Traci Kemp

The Wink Davidson Christmas Spectacular

Principal/Mult. roles/Writer

Savage Tree Arts / Robert Sanders

Not Now Darling

Arnold Crouch (Principal)

CenterStage North / Sarah Mitchell

The Hobbit

Bilbo (Title role)

Blackwell Playhouse / John Christian

Much Ado About Nothing


North Fulton Drama / Thomas Strickland

Aethelred The Unready

Robert (Principal)

Theatre Decatur / Sonny Goff

Christmas Parties Are Murder


Redrum Dinner Theater / Ethan Scott

The Red Shoes

Snogg (Lead)

Big Top Theater / Jerry Harlow


Ali Hakim

Big Top Theater / David Short

Father Of The Bride

Stanley (Title Role)

Cobb Playhouse / Kristina Suttom

Hank Williams (Now There's A Sad Song)

Fred Rose

Class Act Theater / Wendell Troy

Arsenic and Old Lace

Einstein (Principal)

Class Act Theater / Patrick Schambach

Winnie The Pooh


Big Top Theater / Rob Hadoway

Requiem for a Heavyweight


Savage Tree Arts / Kyle Crew

Death In England

Jonathon Pike (Principal)

Class Act Theater / Jai Husband

The Butler Did It Again

Louie Fan (Principal)

Class Act Theater / Mary Binaco

Agatha Christie's Appointment With Death

Dr. Gerard (Principal)

Blackfriars Theater / Dr. Allen Cuseo


Ken Gorman (Lead)

Rochester Comm. Players / John Jaegar

Agatha Christie's Murder at the Vicarage

Ronnie Hawes

Blackfriars Theater / Dr. Allen Cuseo

Film Roles:

Provider Comparison (internet video )

Principal, plus voice-overs

New Path Media / Trey Haney, Director

God Bless Mexico


Atlanta Talent Network / Hattie Lemon

My Favorite Valet


SKB Productions / Steven Ball

TLC TV Commercial


Technical Learning Center (inhouse)


Sketchy Details

Improv and Sketch Comedy Troupe, Rochester NY

Performer and Writer


Savage Tree Arts

Actors Workshop

Prodon Dimov

Dorsey Studio

Stage and Film Acting

Sandra Dorsey

Bennington College

Theater Major w/ concentration on Acting

Leroy Logan et. al.

College performances included major roles in:
Subject to Fits, a musical spoof of Dostoevsky’s The Idiot
, adapted from the novel by Carlos Fuentes (performed in Spanish, phonetically)
On the Harmfulness of Tobacco, Anton Chekov's comic one act monologue

Special Talents:

Wide variety of comic and realistic characters and dialects. Stunts and Physical comedy. Writing, Stage Lighting design and operation, Sound editing, Video editing. Extensive computer skills (operation, programming, web design and development). Loves working with children and vice versa.